The 12 Traits of a Warrior Part 1: The Hard Traits [Podcast]

As a proud father of two amazing young men I was honored last year to be featured on the The Good Dad Podcast. Back then, I talked about the lessons that I learned in the SEAL Teams and how it relates to being the best father I can be. It happens to be the #2 most listened to episodes and now I’m back for a new installment and a shot at the #1 spot!

In this episode, Larry and I talk about The 12 Traits of a Warrior that you need to have in order to lead a balanced life. This is the same concept that I teach to my online members to help them learn how to shoot and now I want you to have these in your skillset as well.

Here’s the first half of the 12 traits:

  • Confidence
  • Strength
  • Aggressiveness
  • Discipline
  • Being Active
  • Bravery

You’ll also learn:

  • How you can use the warrior mindset to learn more quickly
  • What each of the hard trait means
  • What are the soft traits and how it balances the hard traits
  • What warrior traits can be applied in everyday life
  • How to grow a set of N.U.T.S. (non-negotiable unalterable terms)
  • Why mental strength is superior to physical strength
  • Why being aggressive is essential
  • Why taking action is crucial
  • What bravery really means
  • How to teach your kids these warrior skills
  • and more

This is a two part series, stay tuned for the next episode.




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