Book Release: How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL

Recently there have been several top-selling books written by former Navy SEALs. These books have taken you inside the secretive walls of our elite community by describing some of our most famous missions.

Now you’ll be given a chance to learn how they completed those and other top-secret missions from one of their leading instructors.

I wrote How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL to teach civilians the art of combat marksmanship, which is quite different from what most people are teaching at ranges around the country. Everything changes with the added pressure of death; your stance, grip, breathing — everything.

What works for someone on a flat range with the only stress being trying to beat their last score is not going to work for you when you’re dealing with a new-found adrenaline-dump. I also wrote this book for those who cannot attend one of our courses due to cost or scheduling issues.

The book breaks down each combat shooting fundamental and discusses the differences between traditional marksmanship and combat shooting. The term combat shooting simply means any time you’re firing a weapon while off the range or under stress. So even if you’re not hunting down terrorists in fill-in-the-blank-a-stan, the lessons could hopefully save you or your family when you have unplanned visitors at 0300.

While trying to describe some of the techniques, I thought there must be a better way; and there was — video. I’ve recorded exclusive instructional videos to go along with the book and the only way to see them is through direct links in the book.

The new book can be purchased from our online store, on where it is a best selling book on shooting. The book is available in paperback, Kindle, Nook and PDF.




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