How To Become More Confident In Your Day To Day Life

Contrary to what one might believe at first, confidence is not something that we are born with but something that is built over time. Confidence is just like a muscle, the more you use it, the more it grows. Yes! Great news! Confidence can be built regardless of where you find yourself right now. By

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Dry Weapons Training

How To Stop Your Flinch When Shooting a Pistol

A lot of people will tell you that flinching slightly when firing your pistol is a natural response to a literal explosion going off near your face and that there’s nothing you can do about it. They’re partially right – it is a natural response. But they’re wrong that there is nothing you can do

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Personal Defense Training

What Is Your Why To Train And Become A Better Shooter?

Imagine a taxi driver waiting for his next client. Someone asks if the car is available, the taxi driver replies yes and the man jumps in. They then stare at each other for a few moments until the taxi driver asks “Where to?” and then the man replies “I don’t know”. Doesn’t sound good right?

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Dry Weapons Training

How Should I Practice Protecting My Home?

We are all aware of the basic tips and rules that one should follow when there is an earthquake, tips like like getting under the table and staying away from windows but what do you do to protect your family in the face of other dangers, dangers like someone breaking into your home? If you

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How to Train the Mind of Warrior

Faith in Your Coach and Following the Right Path

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of my posts talk about experiences I’ve had while out running the trails around San Diego. Running clears my mind when I need it, but it also brings clarity to certain topics and provides so many teachable moments that I can share with you guys. Most recently, I experienced

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