Navy SEAL Training: Self-Confidence (Audiobook Review)

Recently I took a family vacation and was in need of something to keep me awake while the kids watched movies in the back. I decided to check out my good friend and fellow frogman David Rutherford’s first audio field manual for adults: Navy SEAL Training: Self-Confidence. David is a Navy SEAL, motivational speaker, radio show host and life coach who motivates readers to forge their own personal and professional self-confidence by accepting eight life missions.


David has traveled the world with the teams and other adventures and uncovered the conditions needed to enable the human condition to succeed in any environment. Throughout the book he combines his personal experiences with over seventy years of proven operational successes of the SEAL Teams to teach and motivate listeners about his unique common sense motivational philosophy called Froglogic.

Two Scoops of Hooyah!

So to be honest, I didn’t expect much from the audiobook, but I wanted to check out what my brother David put together. Not that I didn’t think it would be a great book for the masses, it’s just that I’m an author and motivated Navy SEAL myself! Boy was I wrong. There’s a reason he’s a motivational speaker as well as author — he motivates you! I actually enjoyed listening to him as I drove up the West Coast as it brought back memories of BUD/S. (Yes, we can have fond memories when it happened twenty years ago.)

The chapters of this book are broken down into missions:

Mission 1: Have a Positive Attitude
Mission 2: PT and Live Healthy
Mission 3: Motivate Yourself & Others
Mission 4: Earn Respect
Mission 5: Set Goals
Mission 6: Integrity
Mission 7: Mentoring
Mission 8: Have Fun

Each mission is given to you in four steps and finishes off with a debrief of what you learned. I found this helpful since every chapter is just packed with useful information. I like how he uses real life situations that you could find yourself in and teaches you how to tackle them with self-confidence no matter what your chosen path. Full of powerful stories about each mission, this book should be required reading for all, especially those of the new generation who need some direction in their lives so they can grow up to be men. Listen to this audiobook or share it with someone you care about, as it will change the life of the listener.

Live The Team Life

If a fellow Navy SEAL firearms instructor can get something out of this audiobook, this is a “must listen” for anyone who wishes they had more or wants to build better self-confidence and live the Team Life. David has put together an amazing audiobook about building your self-confidence with practical advice woven into entertaining stories that will keep you engaged and ready to be a better you.

Check out Navy SEAL Training: Self-Confidence on Amazon. If you’ve read or listened to his book, I’d love to hear what you thought.




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