Navy SEAL Tactics to Calm Your Mind and Move Through Challenges [Podcast]

I had a pleasure to sit down with Mark Goblowsky of the Strength Through the Struggle podcast to discuss how my Navy SEAL training can help others overcome tough challenges.

In this episode, you will learn how these proven techniques can help you conquer life’s greatest battle. You will also get expert advice on how to free your mind from distractions and aim at the right target:

  • Tactics used in neural pathway training and how your behaviors are altering your actions
  • Proper training and mental preparation
  • Being conscious of what is happening around you: Situational awareness
  • Focus and living in flow
  • Bringing awareness to your target and making smart decisions instantly
  • Understand how constant training will lead you to the right path

Key Takeaways:

  • Take time to decide who you want to be.
  • Never lie — we are the stories we tell ourselves.
  • Keep your promise and do the right thing.
  • Never give up — you can do almost anything.
  • Everybody is the sum of all their actions that they do every day.

Chris Sajnog, was at a crossroad in his life. The desire to raise his boys and the desire to remain in the U.S. Navy as a SEAL. He couldn’t imagine missing his children growing and the influence he could offer by being there everyday. Chris chose his family and I know they are glad he did. Beautiful thing about it, Chris has an amazing new career helping even more people everyday. If I had to go back and do it all again, I would do it exactly the same. It was the right choice for me. It was who I wanted to be. I’m glad I did. 

Chris is currently working with Deepak Chopra for a project called Spiritual Warrior. It’s a collaboration of ideas on how to live in flow. If you think that would be of interest, make sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter.




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