Dry Weapons Training

The Secret to Shooting Like a Navy SEAL

Ever wish you could shoot a gun like a Navy SEAL? I can tell you the “Secret” of how we do it…but then I’d have to kill you. For those of you who have read my book, you already know the secret, for the rest of you here it is…there is no “secret”, it all boils down to dry fire practice; and lots of it. Dry fire is the generic term for practicing weapons manipulation with an unloaded gun. Like many seem to believe, it does not just mean pulling the trigger. I can teach a monkey to pull a trigger (though he might slap the hell out of it). Dry fire training involves everything you do with that weapon, from the basic fundamentals to shooting on the move.

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Firearms Training for Women

How to Use a Range Book to Improve Your Firearms Training

Navy SEALS are required to be experts in a variety of disciplines’ – shooting, demolition, Close Quarters Combat, skydiving, and SCUBA diving just to name a few. That’s a lot of stuff to keep in our heads, especially when we may not use some of these skills for months at a time due to deployments or training in the other areas. To accomplish this task we’ve learned to keep logbooks to document the details needed to successfully employ these skills when the need arises.

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Navy SEAL Approved Gear

My Top Tactical Gear List Recommendations

Gear List Recommendations

We’ve received a few emails asking for different recommendations for gear on our course lists. In an effort to save time emailing everyone back, and spend more time at the range, I’ve gone down the list for our basic pistol course (1st Phase) and gave guidance where possible.The tactical gear you choose comes down to personal preference,

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