Personal Defense Training

Everything You Need to Know Before your Shooting Course

It’s the morning of a shooting course you’ve just signed up for. What do you need to know and have before you hit the range? Know the Conditions First of all, is the course being held indoors or outdoors? This could make a big difference in what you should wear that day. When I’d shoot

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Firearms Training for Women

Loud Noises Don’t End Gun Fights

When I’m at the range, I don’t just focus on my own firing point or lane (unless I’m actively shooting of course). I’m the type of person who likes to take in my surroundings and even watch other people shoot. There’s something to be said about observing another person shoot. You recognize the good and

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Navy SEAL Approved Gear

What Are the Best Targets for Your Firearms Training?

It’s something we all do when we go to the range, and typically it’s something we don’t put much thought into until the question is posed to us by the range staff. We have our weapons, ammo, eyes and ears…we think we’re ready to do some work on the range. Then the question comes…what are

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